WordPress Weekly with Jeff Chandler and Marcus Couch

WPWeekly #217 – The Tale of Jeff Matson

In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Jeff Chandler and Marcus Couch are joined by Jeff Matson who writes and maintains documentation for Rocketgenius. Matson tells us how he became involved with WordPress and the community. We learn how he’s transitioned from working in an office everyday to an office being optional. Last but not least, we discuss how important mental health is and share tips to maintain a healthy balance.

WordPress is 12 Years Old!

WordPress Weekly #194 Matt Mullenweg Interview

On this birthday celebration episode of WordPress Weekly, Jeff Chandler and I are joined by Automattic CEO, Matt Mullenweg. We covered a lot of ground with Mullenweg discussing the following topics:

  • Update on O2 the successor to the P2 theme
  • Memorable moments of the last 12 years
  • Update on the WordPress history book
  • Status of WordCamp USA
  • The WooThemes/WooCommerce acquisition
  • Hype surrounding the WP REST API
  • The WordPress Mobile App

We talked about a number of other topics as well. We apologize for the audio glitches in this episode as Mullenweg experienced bandwidth issues. He was in Ireland when we interviewed him. We also experienced some technical difficulties with Google Hangouts and I dropped out for about 5 minutes. The biggest interview of the year for me and it was nothing but glitches! Oh well. Good content anyway!

WordPress Weekly with Jeff Chandler and Marcus Couch

WordPress Weekly #192

In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Jeff Chandler and I are joined by Dan Griffiths, founder of Section214. We spend the about half of the show learning about Griffiths’ background in technology at a young age.

Once out of the military, Griffiths experienced difficulties finding a job. He discovered Easy Digital Downloads and explains how working on a ticket and creating an API led to getting a job offer from Pippin Williamson. Since accepting the job offer, Griffiths has published 22 plugins to the WordPress plugin directory and has attended several WordCamps.

Later in the show, we discuss HostPress, an open-source, extensible server control panel built on top of WordPress. He describes his motivation behind the project and why he thinks webhosts need a better solution. Near the end of the interview, Griffiths shares his thoughts on the WP REST API that will eventually be added to WordPress and what it means for the project’s future.

Stories Discussed:

Heroes Are Found In Unexpected Places
WordPress 4.3 to Focus on Mobile Experience, Admin UI, Better Passwords, and Customizer Improvements

Plugins Picked By Marcus:

WP Rollback lets you quickly and easily rollback any theme or plugin from WordPress.org to any previous or newer version. It works just like the plugin updater, except you’re rolling backward or forward to a specific version. Be sure to read our review of WP Rollback on the Tavern.

Linkedin_Oauth allows users to login and register into WordPress using their LinkedIn account.

Strong Password Generator created by Frankie Jarrett, encourages the use of strong passwords by helping users generate them easily.\

WordPress Weekly with Jeff Chandler and Marcus Couch

WordPress Weekly #191

On this episode of WordPress Weekly, Jeff and I discuss the news of the week. We inform you of the recent security vulnerability discovered in Jetpack and the Twenty Fifteen theme. We also discuss a new crowdfunding campaign to create a server manager built on top of WordPress called HostPress.

Jeff shares a personal story of a bad habit developed in the last two years that’s decreased his reading comprehension. Last but not least, I tell a story from a conference I attended where the technology inside of a washing machine contained the evidence needed to convict a murderer.

WordPress Weekly with Jeff Chandler and Marcus Couch

WordPress Weekly #189 Drew Jaynes

On this episode of WordPress Weekly, Jeff Chandler and I were joined by Drew Jaynes, web engineer for 10up, and release lead for WordPress 4.2. Jaynes explains how a release lead is chosen, their responsibilities, and what their role is. Release leads are shepherds who work with multiple teams to keep development on track. Jaynes also explained how people can contribute to WordPress core through Trac. We discussed new features in WordPress 4.2 and what the benefits are to selecting release leads ahead of time. Last but not least, Jaynes helped us cover the week’s news.

WordPress Weekly with Jeff Chandler and Marcus Couch

WordPress Weekly #188

Jeff Chandler and I didn’t have a guest on this week’s episode, so we used the time to get you caught up on the week’s headlines. We discussed the release of WordPress 4.2 RC1 and if all goes well, expect to see the release of 4.2 next Wednesday. If you use iThemes Security, you’ll want to update as soon as possible to fix a security vulnerability.

Easy Digital Downloads celebrated its third birthday. We discussed the impacts successful software can have on people’s lives. Marcus and I both agree that Pippin Williamson, founder of Easy Digital Downloads, sets the bar when it comes to being a role model in the WordPress ecosystem. Jeff closes out the show with a rant on how media companies fail to recognize the distinct differences between Automattic, WordPress.com, and WordPress.org.

WordPress Weekly with Jeff Chandler and Marcus Couch

WordPress Weekly #187 Bob Dunn

This week, Jeff Chandler and I are joined by WordPress trainer and coach, Bob Dunn. Dunn provides WordPress training through workshops, one-on-one training, and tutorials. We enjoy interviewing WordPress trainers and coaches because they have unique insight into the trouble spots users experience with WordPress.

We discuss some of the most common pain points people experience using WordPress including, learning the difference between posts and pages, using the visual editor, and best practices for making changes to themes. Dunn explains why there will always be a need for WordPress training. He also explains that people learn things differently, which is confirmed based on the results of his latest survey.