The Campfire #3

The Co-Founder of GoodBlogs, Peter Awad, will make the case of why being genuine and human in brand messaging is important. In a industry that is saturated with “me-too” players, learn how to differentiate yourself with something as seemingly natural as being human.

The Campfire #2 – WordPress Security

I had the honor of being asked to co-host the new Godaddy web series called “The Campfire”. I am co-hosting along side Mendel Kurland, the brand Evangelist for It is going to be a welcome departure from my typical WordPress media appearances. First, it's video, which leads to a whole new level of nervousness for me personally. Part of the charm of being a podcaster for 10 years is that I've managed to keep my visual presence down to a few select head shots. No longer, as this hour long video show is going to get me into a whole new layer of media production.

In this show we are joined by Joshua McNary to talk about WordPress Security. It's a serious topic, and one that should be looked at with every website that you own. It's no fun trying to restore a hacked site.

Enjoy the show. Let me know what you think. We had a few bugs with Google Hangouts, but the audio was all there. We are also adding this to WordPress Radio as well if you want to catch the audio only portion.