Strong Password Generator Plugin Review

The next plugin called Strong Password Generator. It’s created by Frankie Jarett, who’s made another plugin I love called Stream — it’s now a service, actually. I think he’s done 10 or 11 different plugins. Let’s see, real quick on the fly, he’s made Zing, he made User Session Control, Archive Post Status, he’s done Dependency Minification — all these things. Strong Password Generator encourages the use of strong passwords, just like the new little bar does on your password strength. You know how when a user fills it out, it gives this little bar as to the strength of the password? Well, this one actually helps you generate a password so that people aren’t just sitting around, trying to think of it or think of what they think what would be a secure password, just trying to fill up digits. This one actually generates strong, strong passwords. They can copy it, save it, do whatever, put it in Last Pass, you know, use it in their browser as a password manager — saver, whatever those are — this one does it. It’s sweet, simple, easy to use plugin. It works really well as far as the user interface and I rated it an 8 out of 10.

Strong Password Generator

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Rating: 8/10

LinkedIn Oauth Plugin Review

What’s been my main social beef when it comes to a social network that just doesn’t let WordPress play with it? It's LinkedIn! LinkedIn is one of the coolest social networks out there as far as professionals go. Yet it is the most closed, as far as how it likes to play with external sites, and for that, I just don’t understand. You know, you could do anything with Facebook on your WordPress site and you can do a lot with Twitter as well. LinkedIn though, they’re such a closed environment for such crazy professional chaos going on over there. So I’ve found this plugin called LinkedIn O-Auth, and it stands for authorization, which basically O-Auth allows users to login and register on your WordPress site using their LinkedIn account. So it’s just like the login via Facebook, login via Twitter, and all that. Now you can have somebody logged in via LinkedIn and it kind of carries that over so you can make a Buddy Press that has LinkedIn.

And I know this because — I guess I’ll plug it. I haven’t talked about it in a while. I used to run — I shouldn’t say I used to — I run one of the oldest affiliate marketing groups on LinkedIn. There’s almost 20,000 people on it. It was called Affiliate Marketing Masters and frankly, I got out of the affiliate game a couple of years ago but I still maintain this and there’s people from all over the planet that interact on it and talk and do offers and stuff back and forth. But I am still huge into digital marketing, so I’ve renamed the group Digital Marketing Masters.

And now I’ve got a companion site that I’m trying to put together for some master mining and things like that within the Biz Coach site, and I wanted to put some LinkedIn back end stuff, so that the group could get in there and play and do some stuff. So far, this plugin seems to be working. Now I’m the only one that’s a logged in with LinkedIn with one of my accounts, but it seems like it is working. I gave this one an 8 out of 10.


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Rating: 8/10

WP Rollback Plugin Review

WP Rollback Plugin Review

This one’s called WP Rollback and I talked about this on the WordPress Weekly show that I do with Jeff Chandler. They subsequently went out and wrote a nice little post about it as well. WP Rollback lets you quickly and easily rolls back any theme or any plugin from to any previous or newer version. It works just like the plugin updater, except now you can select to roll backwards, instead of forward to a specific version.

I don’t recommend that people do this as a habit. Don’t just go, “Hey, let’s try out 2.6 when we’re already on 5.1 and see what happens!”

This is meant for a couple of different reasons. If the site goes dead, if you lose a little bit of functionality on something, if something suddenly doesn’t work, if you update a plugin and all of a sudden, you get a white screen of death, or something like that, this is good to pinpoint exactly what the problem is. And then if you find that something doesn’t work in the newer version and you roll back and it works in the old version, go tell the developer about it. Otherwise, people just get pissed and they stop using the plugin. So this is kind of a virtual time machine that you get to use with your WordPress plugins and your WordPress themes. But again, I stress use it with caution. This is very powerful, and with great power comes great responsibility, so I rated this one a perfect 10.

WP Rollback

  • Repository page: WP Rollback at
  • Plugin Home page: WP Rollback Home Page
  • Current version: 1.4
  • Last Updated: 2016-09-22 9:06pm GMT
  • Requires: 4.0
  • Tested up to: 4.6.4
  • Downloads all time: 54,329
  • Average rating: 4.9
  • Number of ratings: 52

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Rating: 10/10

Offers for WooCommerce Plugin Review

Offers for WooCommerce Plugin Review

If you use WooCommerce, this one is called Offers for WooCommerce, and this plugin lets you add a ‘Make an Offer’ button to products. It gives them a form that potential buyers can enter the details and submit their offer. Email notifications go out for all new offers, accepted offers, you can counter-offer and decline an offer, and it’s all managed within WordPress and WooCoomerce, just like you would any other order. So I thought this was great. If you’ve got some things to sell that perhaps you’ll just take the best offer, then this one is for you, so I rated it a 7 out of 10.

Offers for WooCommerce

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Rating: 7/10