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Looking for the most reliable Mozy coupon there is? Click one of the Mozy promotional coupon code links directly below. Need to find out a little more about Mozy internet back-up and exactly why I think it's one of the most reliable online backup systems? Stay with me after the jump.

Use Mozy discount coupon SCENE or SCENE15 to save instantly on Home or Pro unlimited backup programs. Mozy Online Backup is the preferred choice by the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! Tech and is the winner of PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award. Mozy is the most secure, feature rich and inexpensive backup service in the world. Mozy Unlimited offers unlimited, secure, reliable online backup for less money a month than the price of a large coffee. Mozy helps customers to execute an unrestricted number of restores via the web or Windows Explorer.

Mozy Coupon
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When Did You Backup Your Home computer?
When was the last point in time you backed up the information you have? Your kids pictures? Your music archive? Your personal financial documents? You might be like most individuals there's the best intentions to backup important computer data frequently, however you sometimes forget, don’t have the time or merely don’t want the trouble. Yes you're able to burn your computer data to CD’s or DVD’s but who would like to do that daily? Definitely not me! You could buy another storage device and copy your files on it but what will happen when it is taken or much worse, your house is destroyed in a fire.

Mozy online backup upgrades all of that! Whether you use a Windows PC or a Mac it is easy to backup your data without having to be concerned with losing your precious written documents and memories. The Mozy application runs in the background on your PC or your Mac and is an almost continous internet backup system that strongly encrypts your data and sends it to the Mozy information center.

Why Mozy Online Backup?

I tried a myriad of backup techniques in the 15 plus years of using computers. We have used 5 1/2 inch floppy disks, tape drives, Zip drives, DVD’s and external hard drives but none is as easy and efficient as Mozy online backup remains. I have been personally using Mozy online backup to backup my home business records using MozyPro, and MozyHome to backup our folders at home. It has helped me to endure a hard drive crash with my business and has me up and functional in a day of the hard drive dying.

Mozy online backup benefits:

– Open/locked file help
– 448-bit Blowfish file encryption
– 128-bit SSL security
– Automatic or scheduled backups
– New and altered file detection
– Block level incremental backups
– Bandwidth throttling
– File versioning
– Open public or private key file encryption

You want to enter these coupon codes to lower your costs at You may share this with your Facebook friends, post it on your blog, or print it out for later use. Some restrictions apply, so be sure to check out the Mozy coupon page for more details.

Here are three of the best reasons you should be using Mozy online backup to backup your data:

– It is easy to make sure your data is backed up. Mozy runs in the background and backs up your data.
– It is secure! Your computer is more likely to be physically stolen from your house or business than have your data decrypted and stolen from Mozy.
– Easy to restore! Small restores can be done over the Internet or through the virtual drive. Large restores can be sent to you on DVD by courier.

MozyHome Plans
MozyHome is the best online backup system you can use to backup your home files. Make sure all of your photos, music and personal documents are backed up and safe from a hard drive crash or worse! Pricing for MozyHome starts at only $5.99/month!

Businesses of every size can use MozyPro to make sure their company data is securely backed up and safe. Small businesses don’t have time to waste backing up data. MozyPro takes the headache and worry away by making sure your data is backed up and secure allowing you to focus on your business instead of worrying about backups. No small business should be without MozyPro! Huge corporations can use MozyPro to backup file servers and make sure there is a reliable offsite backup.

Prices for MozyPro start at $9.99 per month for 10GB of storage for a Desktop license. A Server license adds $3.99 per month. A small price to pay to make sure your company files are backed up.

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