Being Dave Jackson

Being Dave Jackson

In 2005 I launched the podcast version of my show “The Scene Zine”, a Hard rock and Heavy Metal independent music show. It was a continuation of something I did locally in Chicago and spread around on CDs. As an owner of an entertainment company, I found a way to give away CDs at music shows that I had put …

Amazon Prime Reigns Supreme over Walmart

Though it has never been officially made public, Amazon Prime has about 65 million members. I’m one of them. Amazon Prime is great. But I love the additional services that it provides beyond the free 2 day shipping. Amazon Video is just like Netflix. There is so much content to watch. PrimeNow is amazing too. Stuff gets delivered to my …

Yet another WP App Test

Now that I have a big iPhone 7 Plus, I wanted to start using it to post more things. Rather than just share directly on social, I would rather post on my own site first and then share the link to my posts. This includes pictures and videos that I want to make comments on.  Hopefully this provides a good …

WordPress.TV Interview – Jeff Chandler & Marcus Couch

I had a blast with John Parkinson and Jeff Chandler as we did a fun and fact-filled interview session. This is the first time that Jeff and I were both on a show as the guests being interviewed rather than the norm of Jeff and I always doing the interviewing of guests.

AI has a long way to go. Just watch this.

Why are people buying these pieces of technology without understanding the basic nature of what they do? While it’s cute to have the toddler conversing with a “robot”, it shows just how far off we are from actual artificial intelligence from happening. The technology doesn’t take a moment to analyze and realize that it really doesn’t understand you. It just …

State of The Word 2015 Recap

This year we have a lot to talk about regarding Matt Mullenweg’s annual State of The Word. Many different topics were covered, including the upcoming release of WordPress 4.4. This year WordCamp US was hosted in Philadelphia, PA. Matt had a lot to say, and I’ll be digesting the video a few times before I come to any conclusions. It’s …

Title and Nofollow For Links Plugin Review

Title and Nofollow For Links Repository page: Title and Nofollow For Links at Plugin Home page: Title and Nofollow For Links Home Page Current version: 1.07 Last Updated: 2018-12-11 11:13am GMT Requires: 4.2 Tested up to: 4.9.9 Downloads all time: 71,816 Average rating: 4.2 Number of ratings: 14 Download Title and Nofollow For Links Rating: 8/10
WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Review

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Plugin Review

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Repository page: WooCommerce Wholesale Prices at Plugin Home page: WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Home Page Current version: 1.6.5 Last Updated: 2018-12-12 10:52pm GMT Requires: 3.4 Tested up to: 5.0.3 Downloads all time: 122,046 Average rating: 4.8 Number of ratings: 166 Download WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Rating: 8/10