Never Count Yourself Out

Never count yourself out. No matter how hard you get hit. No matter how hard you hit the canvas. As long as there’s still time on the clock, you can win. Here’s proof.

Grilling Outside

Grilling season has begun!

We had an amazing dinner at home to celebrate our anniversary and Barbara’s birthday. Here are a few photos that we have to remember how great the grill session was. 

Marcus Couch - Personal Website Observations

All new website coming together!

For a long time I’ve gone with the same website. It’s been the typical ongoing fable of the cobbler having no shoes. I’m happy to say that I’ve finally gotten my online act together in terms of my personal page. The basic pages are complete, but I want to do a lot more with the back end functionality of how …

Beyonce In Jail

Just Because It’s Online, It’s Not Free to Steal.

I’ve been closely following a case currently in court involving the estate of a deceased YouTuber vs Beyonce. Apparently she ripped off about 30 seconds of a YouTube video and used it on her music video and during live performances. They don’t dispute ripping it off. They are claiming fair use. Fair Use = They don’t have to pay or …

Being Dave Jackson

Being Dave Jackson

In 2005 I launched the podcast version of my show “The Scene Zine”, a Hard rock and Heavy Metal independent music show. It was a continuation of something I did locally in Chicago and spread around on CDs. As an owner of an entertainment company, I found a way to give away CDs at music shows that I had put …

Amazon Prime Reigns Supreme over Walmart

Though it has never been officially made public, Amazon Prime has about 65 million members. I’m one of them. Amazon Prime is great. But I love the additional services that it provides beyond the free 2 day shipping. Amazon Video is just like Netflix. There is so much content to watch. PrimeNow is amazing too. Stuff gets delivered to my …