Amazon Prime Reigns Supreme over Walmart

Though it has never been officially made public, Amazon Prime has about 65 million members. I'm one of them. Amazon Prime is great. But I love the additional services that it provides beyond the free 2 day shipping. Amazon Video is just like Netflix. There is so much content to watch. PrimeNow is amazing too. Stuff gets delivered to my house within 2 hours. I can even order fresh produce and meat!

So recently, Walmart made an attempt to make a dent in the market share by opening up their marketplace to third parties. So far, their 3rd party items completely suck. Seriously, it's just a festival of price gouging and unrealistic markups. It is unregulated and unattended. In other words, it's a complete JOKE.

Amazon Prime now has more than 50 million items, dwarfing Walmart's new competitor

Yet another WP App Test

Now that I have a big iPhone 7 Plus, I wanted to start using it to post more things. Rather than just share directly on social, I would rather post on my own site first and then share the link to my posts. This includes pictures and videos that I want to make comments on. 

Hopefully this provides a good solution all around. 

Here's a snap of my tv. I needed to try to insert an inline image into the post. 

However lately I have been having issues with it posting. So I got on twitter and started talking about it. I ended up having one of the app contributors offering to help. So here is my test post to see if I can finally get it to work. Cross my fingers. Here we go!

WordPress.TV Interview – Jeff Chandler & Marcus Couch

I had a blast with John Parkinson and Jeff Chandler as we did a fun and fact-filled interview session. This is the first time that Jeff and I were both on a show as the guests being interviewed rather than the norm of Jeff and I always doing the interviewing of guests.

AI has a long way to go. Just watch this.

Why are people buying these pieces of technology without understanding the basic nature of what they do? While it's cute to have the toddler conversing with a “robot”, it shows just how far off we are from actual artificial intelligence from happening. The technology doesn't take a moment to analyze and realize that it really doesn't understand you. It just makes a guess and hits the search button, then reads you the results. Why would you allow a kid to have that kind of unfiltered access to everything that looms on the internet? You wouldn't give them a laptop and tell them to go to whatever site they wanted. Or would you?

I'm sure there are a majority of parents out there that allow their young children unrestricted access, themselves not knowing even how to filter the results of what their kids see.

Be wary of these devices. Does it REALLY save that much time over manually searching? Is it really that entertaining? My advice is to wait a few more years to see if this trend even takes hold. By then the technology itself should be a whole lot better in relation to filtering ability to restrict what your kids can do, see and hear.

WordPress Plugins A-Z with John Overall and Marcus Couch

WordPress Plugins A-Z #276 post creation times, Site Notificiations

It's Episode 276 and we've got plugins for keeping track of post creation times, Quizzes, Facebook Live Video, Site Notifications and a Reviews Plugin that will have you seeing stars in Google. It's all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!.


WordPress Weekly with Jeff Chandler and Marcus Couch

WPWeekly #217 – The Tale of Jeff Matson

In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Jeff Chandler and Marcus Couch are joined by Jeff Matson who writes and maintains documentation for Rocketgenius. Matson tells us how he became involved with WordPress and the community. We learn how he’s transitioned from working in an office everyday to an office being optional. Last but not least, we discuss how important mental health is and share tips to maintain a healthy balance.

State of The Word 2015 Recap

This year we have a lot to talk about regarding Matt Mullenweg's annual State of The Word. Many different topics were covered, including the upcoming release of WordPress 4.4.

This year WordCamp US was hosted in Philadelphia, PA. Matt had a lot to say, and I'll be digesting the video a few times before I come to any conclusions. It's always an entertaining viewing session, and I look forward to reporting on it this Wednesday on WordPress Weekly.