AI has a long way to go. Just watch this.

Why are people buying these pieces of technology without understanding the basic nature of what they do? While it’s cute to have the toddler conversing with a “robot”, it shows just how far off we are from actual artificial intelligence from happening. The technology doesn’t take a moment to analyze and realize that it really doesn’t understand you. It just makes a guess and hits the search button, then reads you the results. Why would you allow a kid to have that kind of unfiltered access to everything that looms on the internet? You wouldn’t give them a laptop and tell them to go to whatever site they wanted. Or would you?

I’m sure there are a majority of parents out there that allow their young children unrestricted access, themselves not knowing even how to filter the results of what their kids see.

Be wary of these devices. Does it REALLY save that much time over manually searching? Is it really that entertaining? My advice is to wait a few more years to see if this trend even takes hold. By then the technology itself should be a whole lot better in relation to filtering ability to restrict what your kids can do, see and hear.

WordPress Plugins A-Z with John Overall and Marcus Couch

WordPress Plugins A-Z #276 post creation times, Site Notificiations

It’s Episode 276 and we’ve got plugins for keeping track of post creation times, Quizzes, Facebook Live Video, Site Notifications and a Reviews Plugin that will have you seeing stars in Google. It’s all coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!.


I Love it when a Plan Comes Together

I’ve been working very hard to get things going with my new Membership Coach project. I really feel like everything I’ve done and learned in WordPress is leading me down this path.

I’m going to have everything ready in the month of June 2016. It’s been really tough to do everything as a solo performance (I wrote the material, did all the video editing, graphics, the podcast, website and all the marketing.

Nothing Earth shattering to report, but I am very confident that my followers, friends and fans will like it.

If you haven’t heard Episode #2 of the Marketing Coach podcast, give it a listen!

Heading in a new direction

Just wanted to get a quick note out there to all who are following what I’m up to. A lot of really exciting things are happening right now, and I wanted to share some of the news.

I’m working very hard on a new Membership Coach site. It will be a membership site based on starting, running and growing a membership site.

This seems like a very specialized niche, but it’s become the only thing that I am working on lately. Every major client that I work with has some form of a membership site. Some have as high as 100,000 members. Some generate millions of dollars. Each have their own problems and solutions. Over the last few years of working on these sites on a daily basis, I believe I’m one of the most qualified to help others in getting their own membership sites to the next level.

Right now I’m working on editing all of the content together. It will be over 50 hours of video content in course form, private mastermind calls and webinars, and a private forum group for interacting within our community. I’ve had a great deal of support from the WordPress community so far, and I’m looking forward to finally opening the doors on the site.

There will also be a full Membership Coach podcast. I’m undecided as to if I want to do one or two episodes per week. I may do one episode for talking about membership site issues and then make the second episode a quick 5-10 minute tech rundown. I’ll let the content I have available make that decision for me.

Stay tuned! I look forward to making this turn and moving forward with this new project.


WordPress Weekly with Jeff Chandler and Marcus Couch

WPWeekly #217 – The Tale of Jeff Matson

In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Jeff Chandler and Marcus Couch are joined by Jeff Matson who writes and maintains documentation for Rocketgenius. Matson tells us how he became involved with WordPress and the community. We learn how he’s transitioned from working in an office everyday to an office being optional. Last but not least, we discuss how important mental health is and share tips to maintain a healthy balance.

State of The Word 2015 Recap

This year we have a lot to talk about regarding Matt Mullenweg’s annual State of The Word. Many different topics were covered, including the upcoming release of WordPress 4.4.

This year WordCamp US was hosted in Philadelphia, PA. Matt had a lot to say, and I’ll be digesting the video a few times before I come to any conclusions. It’s always an entertaining viewing session, and I look forward to reporting on it this Wednesday on WordPress Weekly.